Every day we bring hope of children in the world's
hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.

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Who We Are?

We are SG India, we are a non-government organization, we helps others without any profit, we provides employeement those who have no ides about work and helps others without any casting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a new happy world where each and every person get happiness with their family and find out a new lifestyle of living and be finincially stable in life.

Shelter for Poor

Providing shelter of that person who have no living life style and facing many problems.

Help Poor Childreen

Helping that childrens who are poor and orphans and living without any income source and education.

Funding for Poor

Providing required funds of that person who are poor and not able to live a better life with their family.

Reduce World Poverty

Our mission are also reducing to world poverty which will be very helpful in our nation growth.

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Our Causes

Our causes for our society and our nation
with our struggling team

Education for Childreen

For the proper education for poor childs we are struggling for mini helps.

  • Raised: ₹45000
  • Goal: ₹100000
Sponsor a child today

We are working for sponsership of that child who required and they are very skilled can do better.

  • Raised: ₹40000
  • Goal: ₹100000
Shelter for Poor Child

We are also working for the shelter of that childs who have not proper living facility and better lifestyle.

  • Raised: ₹35000
  • Goal: ₹100000
Happiness for orphan child

For the happiness of the childrens who are not happy due to some problems.

  • Raised: ₹108000
  • Goal: ₹200000
Donation for helpless child

We are collecting for the that who are not able to help self.

  • Raised: ₹25000
  • Goal: ₹250000
Food for Poor child

We are also arranging the food for that who have not enough.

  • Raised: ₹2500
  • Goal: ₹25000
Help the poor girls

SG India team is working for that girls who are poor.

  • Raised: ₹5000
  • Goal: ₹25000
Donate for child happiness

Please help our NGO for the happiness of cute childs.

  • Raised: ₹10000
  • Goal: ₹25000


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